Artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly important in recent years because of its potential to transform a wide range of industries and businesses. AI algorithms can analyze large amounts of data and, based on these analyses, help companies make informed decisions that improve efficiency and progressively automate processes. Despite numerous potential applications and benefits, only 9% of German companies actually use artificial Intelligence in their business processes, although 69% believe it is an important future technology [Study by Bitkom]. Challenges in the implementation of AI-based applications arise primarily in conceptual design and implementation, where there is often a lack of know-how and time to research possible algorithms and explore feasible applications in one's own company.
In order to harness the benefits of these technologies while still maintaining practicability, flexibility and scalability, Nasaff GmbH has developed a novel service concept that enables the use of AI and machine learning in a dynamic way: The 360°-AI-Lifecycle Service. The 360°-AI-Lifecycle Service of Nasaff GmbH is a holistic concept for the introduction of AI in your company, from consulting on custom application possibilities in your company, to the preparation of data masses and data flow in your company processes, to the integration and maintenance of prefabricated AI applications as services. Benefit from the use of proven enterprise AI use cases as flexible service applications and plan a straightforward implementation process with us.

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