Extracting insights from text data with text mining

Nahezu 80 % aller Unternehmensdaten passen in keine Datenbank

Unstructured data contained in text documents, e-mails, Web pages, and various office documents does not reach the employees who need it to productively complete their tasks.

Text mining uses machine learning to analyze these texts and determine the core information in an automated way. The process extracts essential information from texts available both on the web and in internal systems, and structures and semantically enriches them. In this way, you can leverage information from emails, Word- and PDF-documents, as well as numerous free texts available in social media, websites or tools.

Use Cases

Digitization and structuring of company knowledge
  • Automated creation of document management systems and databases
  • Provision of searchable enterprise data with the help of knowledge data structures
Automated customer communication
  • Intelligent recognition and allocation of customer requests via e-mail
  • Learned chatbots to handle frequent requests
Identification of the customer's interest
  • Identification of customer interests based on frequent search queries for targeted marketing activities
  • Trend detection by monitoring social media