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Technologische Gatekeeper-Unternehmen

Technological Gatekeeper Companies

Technological gatekeeper companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple have strong market power and can limit market access and competition. New startups can develop innovative products and services that are different from incumbents or focus on niche markets where incumbents have less presence. To be successful, startups should conduct a thorough market analysis, build a clear brand image, and create a unique positioning in the market. The European Union supports small businesses through various initiatives such as the creation of a digital services market and programs to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

Wie ChatGPT von OpenAI das Schreiben vereinfacht

How ChatGPT from OpenAI simplifies writing

ChatGPT is a powerful speech AI from OpenAI based on the GPT-3.5 architecture and specifically designed for natural language processing (NLP). ChatGPT is capable of human-like conversations and has an impressive ability to understand and generate human speech. With

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