Our Use Cases

We've combined our knowledge and experience into a comprehensive set of use cases to show how your company can leverage the latest technologies to automate and improve its business processes.

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Whitepaper: 360°-AI-Lifecycle-Services

From consulting on custom applications in your company, to the preparation of data masses and streams in your business processes, to the integration and maintenance of prefabricated AI applications as services, the 360°-AI-Lifecycle Service of Nasaff GmbH takes over the introduction of AI in your company as a holistic concept.

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Text Mining

Extracting insights from unstructured textual enterprise data through text mining

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Predictive Search

Improve user experience with predictive search mechanisms in your websites or enterprise software

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Demand Forecasting

Use of data history for automatic demand forecasts

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Anomaly Detection

Learning transaction patterns using machine learning to detect anomalies