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Requirements management

For agile projects
We take your requirements and wishes and design a master plan for the technical and practical implementation and optimization of your business processes.

Projects and your progress will only be as good as the requirements you are based on. Therefore, it is important for the success of the project to define the project requirements in a forward-looking way from the beginning and to adhere to them by means of a functioning requirements management. Trust our experts in this important first phase and plan with Nasaff.

In initial discussions, we take a close look at your company processes. We get to know your daily routine in the company and identify connecting points for new or further developments.

We identify the relevant stakeholders. In doing so, we involve the future users, technical specialists and the IT department.

Together with the stakeholders, we create business process models that serve as the basis for the functional and non-functional requirements and coordinate the communication process between the various parties involved.
We support the creation of requirements specifications and ensure that the requirements are formulated clearly and unambiguously. In addition to the classic use of requirements specifications to describe the requirements, we apply agile methods such as the formulation of user stories.

Nasaff also continues to support you in the operational phase, when there is usually no longer a project organization. We ensure that new requirements or changes, so-called “change requests” are consistently maintained in requirements documents.

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