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Workday is becoming one of the most popular ERP cloud systems on the market – and for good reason. Because of the extensive feature set, it’s better to work with a partner who knows Workday inside and out than one who does not. Join us to learn about the unique benefits of using Workday in your everyday business.

Nasaff – Your Workday partner in the region

Benefits of partnering with Nasaff as a Workday Software Partner
Workday Software Partners help customers enhance and better customize Workday’s already powerful capabilities to meet their needs. We design, develop, and deploy cutting-edge solutions that extend the functionality of Workday’s robust ERP with new technologies such as artificial intelligence and Big Data analytics. Below are four benefits you can look forward to when you work with Nasaff as your Workday partner.

Advantages of a partnership with Nasaff
as a Workday Software Partner

With Workday-certified integrations, you benefit from shorter and more efficient implementation times. The integration is pre-built and certified, requiring minimal professional services from Workday or your implementation partner. Nasaff, as a Workday partner, delivers integrations that support a seamless transition to the cloud, allowing information to flow from Workday to internal systems, cloud applications, and third-party services.

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There is no service interruption when upgrading from Workday versions because Workday has all of our documentation and notifies us in advance of changes that could impact our integration. We also test the next version before it is released by Workday. Workday’s current release schedule includes about two planned updates per year. However, many customers are likely to receive one or more updates during implementation. You can also expect fast, stable, and secure updates because Workday partnerships ensure coordinated product version releases for pre-testing and fine-tuning. This means you can be confident that updates to Workday or your software will not cause downtime or system interruptions for you and your team.

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We align with Workday on the product and provide customer-centric investment paths by continually investing in expanding integration use cases and differentiating ourselves as a market leader.

Each of these benefits results in a rapid increase in return on investment because the solutions are designed for rapid implementation with Workday. By working with Nasaff, you can achieve lower operating costs, better visibility, and greater efficiency in less time. Ultimately, you’ll gain deeper insights into your business and make better decisions.

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