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ERP Customizing

for individual solutions
We digitize your business processes and customize the Odoo ERP Business Suite for your optimal use.
20 years of IT experience
Expertise in ERP Customizing

Nasaff GmbH houses expertise in ERP customizing across different platforms

Nasaff GmbH has experts with 20 years of experience in the implementation of major development projects in various industries: Telecommunications, Utilities, Media and Insurance.

We offer expertise in SAP customizing and SAP technology and we can implement customer requirements in projects.

In addition to relevant SAP development / consulting services, we also provide core business process management and monitoring to ensure business service quality, automation and software testing simplification.

Open-source ERP solutions from odoo
Odoo is an open source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for companies of any size. Simple, flexible, user-friendly and modular, the Odoo ERP system helps companies to map all relevant business processes in order to work even more efficiently. Whether today or in the future – Odoo can be easily and quickly adapted to the changes in your business.

Modern and innovative software structure

Open source - no license costs

Fast, universal and cost-effective expandability

Mapping of all business processes

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