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Our solution for fast transfer of corporate data

Rapid digitization with intelligent document analysis

Benefit from the digitization and linking of all your business processes. Move from paper or document-based businesses to flexible ERP apps for the first time with our intelligent document analysis that takes your past operations and automatically transfers them to the new ERP system

Nasaff Document Analytics enables the digital transformation of your documents

Our Document Analytics component is an intelligent deep-learning analysis software that recognizes and automatically evaluates data from documents. Unlock the full potential of your documents with us!

Unstructured data is an untapped resource.

In our society as well as in many companies, a large part of our knowledge is in the form of texts; about 80% of all documents of a company consist of so-called unstructured data.

Digital and paper-based processes at SMEs

Source: Xerox 2017 International Survey Report

Potentielle Reduktion der Verwaltungskosten


A move to structured documents creates complete availability of your data. And an evaluation with artificial intelligence saves you time and money.

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