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Our solution for inventory management

Optimal sales and availability with AI-supported inventory management

Nasaff introduces AI-based inventory management, a software tool for optimizing companies’ service levels. This makes it possible to determine precisely what must be stocked in the shipping warehouse in order to be able to supply customers on time.

Full control and overview of your inventory planning

Effective inventory management is about striking a balance between maintaining sufficient inventory to ensure efficient business operations and avoiding excess inventory that locks up valuable cash flow and leads to waste.

Inventory management can benefit from artificial intelligence (AI), as AI provides organizations with powerful insights by highlighting interesting trends from big data that help procurement and warehouse teams better manage the day-to-day tasks of inventory management.

Our solutions save you time on ordering, reduce inventory and keep availability at 99+%.

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Companies already benefit real-time inventory analysis

Linking AI with inventory management has led to significant improvements for those companies that have already implemented it. Using AI, machine learning technology, or more complex artificial intelligence systems, companies can create intelligent, data-driven production and distribution centers.

AI’s ability to understand a variety of real-time inventory control dynamics that impact stock levels sets it apart from traditional tools. AI can predict scenarios, recommend actions, and even act – independently or with human approval.

There are numerous ways that inventory management can benefit from artificial intelligence, including the following advantages

Demand forecasting for inventory management based on a time series forecasting model that can estimate demand for the coming days for all items in the inventory. External data sources that affect demand can be incorporated into the demand forecasting system. You can start improving demand forecasting by improving your inventory management.

Recommend optimal inventory levels for thousands of SKUs based on demand forecasts. Optimize inventory control by eliminating the complexity of data sets that have traditionally been the pain of inventory managers.

AI automatically orders the right amount of raw materials to fulfill manufacturing orders, and retailers can merge data sets to predict future demand for products. This enables these organizations to make informed business decisions, reduce waste and increase profits.

Reinforcement learning systems are a more advanced AI approach in which a model takes control of inventory operations, with human checks and balances. An area of AI where models do not simply make predictions, but act on those predictions.

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