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Take advantage of data-driven, automatically optimized and customizable commerce processes in your business and increase your competitiveness with Nasaff’s AI-based ERP solutions

ERP solutions from Nasaff
Revolutionize your business processes

Solutions with artificial intelligence from Nasaff

Leverage your mass data and take the path to greater efficiency and customer centricity with machine learning in retail. Our Intelligent Retail platform is built on Odoo, the #1 open source ERP suite, and extends it with AI-powered self-learning components that transfer legacy data directly into the ERP system, automate chosen business processes, and optimize your decision making with analytics and forecasting tools.


Experience a perfectly integrated complete solution for your ERP system from assortment design to workforce management with the Nasaff Intelligent Retail Platform and optimize your core retail planning processes with our AI-based extension components.


The Nasaff Intelligent Retail Platform can be customized specifically for your retail processes and constantly expanded. Don't waste any more time with tedious customizing and take your business to the next level today.


In conjunction with big data and self-learning artificial intelligence algorithms, retailers have unimagined opportunities to respond to customers' wishes and needs in near real time. To tap this potential in an agile manner, we offer a future-oriented, flexible infrastructure.


Keep track of all processes and manage your business decisions with one click. The intuitive Odoo App Suite with central cloud management simplifies the integration and management of your software solutions and business requirements.

Our services
Requirements management

We take your requirements and wishes and design a master plan for the technical and practical implementation and optimization of your business processes


We advise your company on the use of new technologies and show you new opportunities for your business


Concept development

We create a solution concept, which is tailored to your business processes and include future opportunities and potentials.


ERP Customization

We digitize your business processes and customize the Odoo ERP for your optimal use.


Product development

We develop AI-based ERP solutions for your ERP system and offer them as a plug-in for easy and comfortable use in your business processes

Training & Support

Once your new business processes are up and running, we will train your staff and then be available for further inquiries


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